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Take Care of Your Heart during American Heart Month

Ramble Blog: Take Care of Your Heart during American Heart Month

A Family Health Scare

I am immensely grateful this February as we celebrate the 58th American Heart Month, a time to reflect on our collective well-being and renew efforts toward achieving better heart health.

After sudden heart palpitations, my brother bravely faced fear and went for a check-up that discovered a tachycardia arrhythmia caused by a defective heart valve. Things could have turned out even worse if he hadn’t taken action. Despite having no health insurance at the time, he managed to prepare before Christmas when sudden palpitations struck again, forcing him to undergo surgery immediately. Luckily, everything went well, and he has not had any issues post-op. As a result, he is now ready to return to work, which is phenomenal news after such worrying circumstances over the last few months!
Heart disease is responsible for one out of three female deaths—more than all types of cancer combined. According to the American Heart Association’s “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2022 Update,” 874,000 Americans died of cardiovascular disease in 2020. However, thanks to national and global research initiatives, millions of people worldwide are living life every day. To honor those affected by such conditions, AHA calls on all citizens across the country to be mindful of their mental and physical rhythms during this particular month.

Steps to Maintain A Healthy Heart

Proactively reclaiming your health can ease the burden of this pandemic. From exercising, eating right, and quitting smoking or vaping, to monitoring vital signs like blood pressure, sugar levels, and cholesterol. Making healthy choices will make you feel better today! And remember about learning CPR if you still need to—you never know when it may save someone’s life.
Let’s ensure we keep looking out for one another when it comes down to caring for ourselves physically and mentally. Prioritizing relaxation techniques such as meditation is essential for overall well-being that should not be overlooked. Also, taking care of yourself and others will ensure greater protection from heart disease in challenging times so many people encounter.

When my brother’s health was uncertain, I had to find a new way of processing the situation. Writing and designing turned out to be incredibly therapeutic—the result being our Open Heart Greeting Card, a meaningful item from our Valentine’s Day Collection that remind us that everything we go through makes us stronger in the long run!

Scott Cartwright

Scott Cartwright

With over 20 years of experience in the design industry, Scott Cartwright works on print and cutting-edge digital projects for clients worldwide. He co-founded Ramble in 2021 to honor the creative process of designing and launching physical products designed to inspire.

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