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How to Tie a Shoe


If you’ve ever eaten spaghetti or pointed out a bird’s nest to a friend in spring . . . you can probably tie a shoe! An illustrated poem that uses wordplay and figurative language for a new take on the how-to genre for kids. 

This picture book shows that learning is always an act of discovery through intricate black-and-white illustrations with playful hand-lettered text. How to Tie a Shoe & Other Big Adventures is the first story in a series of handbooks by Penny Candy Books that explore and unravel the complexities of some of childhood’s most essential lessons.

EDITORIAL REVIEW: “Ultimately, this book uses learning to tie a shoe as a metaphor for personal growth and experiential learning—with the beauty and challenges that accompany both. A quirky picture book that respects the intelligence of children.”—Kirkus Reviews.


  • Juvenile Fiction / Poetry / Imagination
  • Reading age: 7-11
  • Page count: 40 pages
  • Dimensions: 6.5 x 8.5 inches
  • Illustrated in black and white by Skip Hill
  • Published by Penny Candy Books
  • ISBN: 978-09996584-8-2 (hardcover)


How to Tie a Shoe